By*Pas is Earth-Friendly

Billions of pounds of chemicals are used each year to produce cleaning solutions that are used in the home or work place. We come in contact with them and the surfaces they have been applied to on a daily basis and know little about what they contain.

It is good to know that at By*Pas International we were using “environmentally friendly” technology long before the going “green” craze consumed the industry the last few years. By*Pas is current with today’s desires for “environmentally friendly” cleaning solutions and utilize “readily-biodegradable” detergents in all of our products. Our solutions are free of “phenol” based detergents and phosphates; we also have EDTA replacements! Finding safer alternatives to those chemicals really helps to lower the “foot print” we leave here on earth!

Almost all of our detergents we use have been approved by a “green” organization, if they are not on that list they will be soon! These organizations researches and approve solvents, chelants and surfactants so that manufacturers can make sure they are using ingredients that are safer for the environment. This proves our dedication to help keep the environment “cleaner and healthier.”